The Columbia is a 40 feet high pendulum ride and is very popular; perhaps because it is much like a swing that reminds us of our childhood. It's like controlled flying. On a traditional swing the harder you pump your legs the more force you get and the higher the swing goes. This ride does not require you to pump your legs and you can get a great rush from the feeling of weightlessness that occurs. The feeling of weightlessness occurs because there is a decrease in the force of gravity. We can't feel that, but what we do feel is the force of the seat pushing against our body. When you sit in your chair you feel your chair pushing against you, yet when you are near the top of a pendulum ride you feel lighter and don't feel the sensation of the push, and if you are at the highest point of the ride if you weren't buckled in you would actually fall out of your seat. The seat has to supply the centripetal force which equates to double the weight of the rider also called 2g's or 2 times the gravitational pull.